Mystery Moray!

Back in the water after a week waiting for the swell to die down and some visibility to return below the surface. This week I have found two new species to add to the database, a lined Chromis and a mystery moray eel that I haven’t identified yet (since identified as  a stout moray eel – thanks to Mark McGrouther).



Banded Parma

Just a quick post of a fish I haven’t photographed in the aquatic reserve before, a banded parma. Found amongst the large boulders near the surface in the surge zone this juvenile was swimming around picking at food growing on the rocks.


Honeycomb Filefish

This is a rare visitor so far south, swimming very warily amongst the seaweed pretending to be part of it. A member of the leatherjacket and filefish family it appeared comfortable when swimming with other more common leatherjacket species that frequent the reserve

Fish in abundance

Another day another dive. The warm water and the Eastern Australian Current (aka EAC) have brought many tropical visitors to the aquatic reserve and today I captured a few that I hadn’t photographed before. Enjoy.

New finds in CTBAR

After seeing some video footage of a juvenile sunfish (Mola mola) in CTBAR taken over the weekend I had to jump in again. Whilst I didn’t find it I found a few new species and got lots of photos of fish I didn’t previously have. Water temperature is 24 degrees, viz good and heaps of water borne invertebrates that the shoals of fish are enjoying

Those found included :

Highfin Amberjack
Gulf Damsel
Hawaiian Triggerfish
Mangrove Jack
5 species of butterflyfish (Threadfin, Dusky, Brown, Citron and Guenther’s)
Webers Chromis
Black cod
Yelloweye leatherjacket
Gillblotch leatherjacket