Spot the difference

Often you think you see a fish but then realise something looks different. Taking a photo allows you to confirm identity later.

Today these two species were hiding quite close to one another, same black and white colour, except one of them has the white extending further up the body – meet the Bicolour Chromis and the  Half and Half Chromis.

Both were a bit tricky to photograph as they are about 1cm long, hiding amongst rocks in swell – hence the average photo quality.

Some other seldom seen tropicals today included the orange basslet, teardrop butterflyfish, vanderbilts damsel, to mention just a few.


Tropicals everywhere

The recent southerly change has brought in warm waters again, and with 24 degree seas tropical fish are everywhere. Photos include lionfish many damsels, and a new species for my database – the black spot snapper. Low visibility, strong currents and swell made photography very challenging today. A great time to get out for a dive or snorkel!