Eastern Hulafish (Trachinops taeniatus), Blue Groper (Achoerodus viridis)

As the clean-up continues on the Northern Beaches, water temperatures have dropped to 18 degrees in the aquatic reserve and only the most committed divers are venturing into the murky waters. Very few of our tropical visitors can survive temperatures below 19 degrees and so as the variety of fish life wanes for the next 6 months we can look forward to seeing the locals.

Schools of small Eastern Hulafish populate the reefs around the bay in large numbers, and the large Blue groper will be patrolling their rocky territories too. The Blue Groper is actually the biggest representative of the Wrasse family to be found in Cabbage Tree Bay. Born as brown coloured females the largest can perform an amazing change of sex to the blue male form, often when the dominant male is displaced from its territory.


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