It’s a Moray

When you swim through the sea,
An eel swims up to me
It’s a Moray!

On a sunny warm Sunday that is Father’s Day I couldn’t resist a dive with my best mate Matt. We lost count of the number of Port Jackson sharks swimming around but now the females have arrived breeding season is well under way for them. Quite a few ornate wobbegongs were found too, and a healthy number of blue groper, blackfish, eastern hulafish and mado swarm the reef on the eastern side of the beach. There was even a small kingfish hiding amongst them in the shallows. We found a large stingaree and an eagle ray over the sand and some very colourful rocks encrusted with coral, sponges and weed, but no seadragons.

The yellow Moray eel was the highlight. I think it could see it’s reflection in the port dome of the camera and was giving itself a threatening show of teeth.


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