It’s cool down there – (goby season)

As the mercury pushes 40 degrees in Sydney, the coolest place to be is underwater right now and since my last post, the tropical EAC eddy off the coast has delivered many new tropical fish to the aquatic reserve.

There haven’t been a huge number of tropical visitors so far this year, but today I noticed many that you don’t typically see until the end of Mar/Apr.

The golden-headed sleeper goby sifts sand through its gills with a goatfish it has befriended. A keyhole angelfish grazes through the cunjevoi, where a tiny green moray tried to conceal itself. Tiny juvenile Arrow gobies play amongst schools of eastern hulafish.

A dwarf lionfish revealed itself stalking juvenile fish around a rock outcrop, and then Shelly the turtle appeared to say hello. This turtle needs a beak clean judging by the growth visible on its upper “lip”.

What a great way to cool the blood on a scorching hot day!


3 thoughts on “It’s cool down there – (goby season)

  1. Cool! Love the pictures 🙂 I have noticed that the tropicals have arrived much later and in fewer numbers this year as well…

    I’ve seen quite a few blue spine unicornfish and a couple butterflyfish


    1. I think I know where the unicornfish are – up in the rubble close to the pool 🙂
      The EAC eddy will bring loads of tropical into CTBAR in the next few weeks – better late than never but I reckon it will bring some good stuff because it is particularly warm in the current this year. Look out for a few exotic visitors coming our way


      1. Yeah, perhaps you will see another forceps butterflyfish in the next month! What kinds of cool tropical fish do you see, but are too elusive and can’t take a photo of them fast enough (the ones that never make it on CTBAR website? Keep up the great work! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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