Butterflyfish and Moorish idols

With the rain subsiding and the sun finding its way through the clouds quite a few divers have been back in the water. Cabbage Tree Bay is full of butterflyfish and Moorish idols, probably swept in with recent storms. Plenty of others schooling in still murky waters, the most obvious being yellow moon wrasse and small shoals of Neon Damsels, their iridescent blue colouration visible from metres away.


Water, water, everywhere…..

After two weeks of continual rain, and a big swell running it only took a  glimpse of sunshine to prompt me to reach for the dive gear and head out.

Picking a less frequented dive spot I was thrilled to find a very colourful blue whiptail and several grubfish. The visibility wsn’t brilliant but a good “muck” dive with plenty of macro photography subjects, anemones, nudibranchs. and more. good to be back in the water again before the downpours¬†forecast for the next week.

The first new fish for a long time

We have had a lot of weather recently, plenty of rain and swell. The good news is that warmer water from the EAC has brought in temperatures peaking at 25 degrees. With it have come a wave of typical tropical fish found at this time of year, butterflyfish, orange basslet, trigger fish, and even a blue-stripe snapper, but a first today for me was the peacock sole, concealed in the sandy substrate. It has been a while since I have seen a fish for the first time in the aquatic reserve so this was very exciting. I’m expecting the warm eddies from a waning EAC will bring many more in the next couple of months though.