The first new fish for a long time

We have had a lot of weather recently, plenty of rain and swell. The good news is that warmer water from the EAC has brought in temperatures peaking at 25 degrees. With it have come a wave of typical tropical fish found at this time of year, butterflyfish, orange basslet, trigger fish, and even a blue-stripe snapper, but a first today for me was the peacock sole, concealed in the sandy substrate. It has been a while since I have seen a fish for the first time in the aquatic reserve so this was very exciting. I’m expecting the warm eddies from a waning EAC will bring many more in the next couple of months though.



3 thoughts on “The first new fish for a long time

  1. Cool! Love the new pictures…In what type of environment did you find the orange basslet (e.g. open water, crevices, under ledges?) I would really like to see one! And how large are those butterflyfish? The ones I have seen this year across Sydney are roughly 3-4 cm at the moment…keep up the great work!


    1. The orange basslet are typically schooling fish and you’ll find them over rock reef amongst schools of “locals”. This one was only in 2m or water. The tropical butterflyfish rarely get bigger than 3-4cm before the water cools too much for them.


  2. Thanks! 🙂 Have you seen any other exciting discoveries since your last dive?

    I saw two large dusky butterflyfish in the harbour (adult stage), either winter survivors or were swept down….


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