Butterflyfish and Moorish idols

With the rain subsiding and the sun finding its way through the clouds quite a few divers have been back in the water. Cabbage Tree Bay is full of butterflyfish and Moorish idols, probably swept in with recent storms. Plenty of others schooling in still murky waters, the most obvious being yellow moon wrasse and small shoals of Neon Damsels, their iridescent blue colouration visible from metres away.


3 thoughts on “Butterflyfish and Moorish idols

  1. How many Moorish idols have you seen this year? How big is the one in the picture? Any angelfish? πŸ™‚ Nice pictures, that neon damsel is iridescent!


      1. Strange. Maybe they are just all swept down later or take slower to move down….dunno? Anyways, cool photos! πŸ™‚


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