23 degrees and a little murky

Surprisingly the EAC is pushing warm water south still and water temperatures in the aquatic reserve remain around 23 degrees. Warm enough for tropical fish but this year there haven’t been as prolific numbers as in previous years. Only 4 or 5 species of butterflyfish have appeared this year when normally there would be as many as 7 species. A good sized shoal of big-eye trevally are cruising around the bay at the moment and a few Moorish idols have appeared. The latter are typically late arrivals and indicators that winter is around the corner. Surgeon fish species are abundant, but I’m hoping the rough weather will bring some interesting visitors to the shores before the water temperature drops below 20 degrees again.


3 thoughts on “23 degrees and a little murky

  1. Can you list the species of butterflyfishes have you seen this year? (I have only seen threadfin, dusky)
    And in general there has been a lower influx, as I said before…usually you see lots of surgeonfishes; such as convicts or eye stripes early on (January), this year they were in low numbers and most arrived in late february…
    Thanks for the upload…always interesting to see the marine life at CTBAR


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