A deceptive dive

Although the seas have been rough the water at Fairy Bower was calm, and looked a little murky. Keen to get in with my buddy Matt Parsons we were surprised to find the conditions underwater were not so friendly, with strong eddies and currents washing us around the bay. Nevertheless we persevered and found a handful of butterflyfish, stars and stripes pufferfish, a very happy three bar porcupine fish, and my highlight was the Gold-spotted Sweetlips that was too big for my macro set-up. I have only seen this species twice before here and this individual was not fazed by my proximity as it grazed its way along the sandy bottom.

A cleaning station provided some entertainment too with a large cleaner wrasse inspecting the inside of a goatfishes mouth, whilst other species queued up for their turn.

The chart shows the EAC has diminished and waters are starting to cool down again, though 22 degrees was quite comfortable still today.


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