The Dusky Whaler sharks are back

It is long overdue but with a change in conditions this week, that has seen visibility increase to as good as it gets, the dusky whalers are back in numbers. Some have reported up to 40 sharks patrolling the bay, and today I witnessed possibly a dozen. Unfortunately quite a few had hooks in their mouths, one was trailing over a metre of line with a swivel attached.

Snorkellers and divers were out in force too enjoying the spectacle and providing a few alternative photo opportunities. Large shoals of fish were everywhere, yellow tail scad and mullet were being circled by tailor, leaping bonito and kingfish, even a cormorant swam past for a closer look.

Reluctantly I surfaced after three hours of diving, hoping that next time will be even better……..


4 thoughts on “The Dusky Whaler sharks are back

  1. Just arrived in Sydney and happy to see your post about the sharks. Hope I can get down to Shelley this week to see them. I enjoy your regular updates!


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