A mixed bag

Slightly murkier than recent weeks in CTBAR but there are still some interesting things around. A piece of seaweed rolling around on the sand turned out to be the Yellow-Crested Weedfish. Once amongst the seaweed their camouflage makes them extremely hard to spot.

A watchful Grubfish has incredible eyes that, like a chameleon, can be deployed independently in different directions – fascinating to watch.

A tiny Bennett’s Toby was sheltering in a shallow spot, along with the more common Stars and Stripes pufferfish. The Dusky Whalers were patrolling the shallow reefs and understandably quite a few fish were very wary, some even sporting wounds from earlier attacks. Mados and Old Wives were cleaning the wounds on these fish, and as well as the Cleaner Wrasse I found a few False Cleaner Wrasse taking advantage of the situation, nipping those fish that mistook them for the former.

There are also a few species of Parrotfish around, the largest being the elusive Grass Parrotfish that hides amongst the kelp and only appears when you have the wrong lens set up on the camera – they know I’m sure!


2 thoughts on “A mixed bag

  1. Nice shots, I haven’t seen any sharp-nose puffers this year – How many species of butterflyfish have you seen this year? (Just wondering) (I have observed Citron, Vagabond, Threadfin and dusky)


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