A break in the rain

A month’s rain in a few days….so they say. Well wet it has been and the inner harbour has turned the colour of a milky coffee. Choosing a gap in the downpours I found it quite pleasant at Fairy Bower. The Dusky Whalers are still there in numbers and growing by the day. Many will leave in the next few weeks, leaving their nursery for bigger adventures.

Lots of different cleaning stations were operational, with Boxfish queuing up for a session with clingfish, the Blackfish shoals were happy for Mados and Old Wives to perform cleaning duties, then Drummer were queuing up for a traditional workover from the cleaner wrasse. Very busy today!


From the Sharkives

The water may be cooling down but the shark action is still here for a few more weeks. The bay is full of juvenile dusky whaler sharks, getting more acclimatised to divers by the day. They are also growing fast and will soon leave the shark nursery that is the aquatic reserve.