Fish, Reptiles and Mammals!

It doesn’t get much better than when the sun is shining on a glorious weekend, you’re heading to the dive site and you spot whales in Sydney Harbour. Within minutes we were standing on the foreshore at Fairlight with two small humpback whales cruising past us less than 50m away. A beautiful sight spoilt only by the 6 thoughtless whale watching boats jostling for a view and forcing the whales into shallower and shallower water. Then an idiot in a runabout insisted on circling the animals well within the permitted distance causing one whale to rear up out of the water as he came close.

The diving was generous too with patchy visibility, but Shelly the rehabilitated turtle was out and about, her radio transmitter now sporting seaweed growth.

The trigger clownfish was out and about chasing fish in its territory and a solitary dusky whaler shark circled several times to see what was going on.