The boys are back in town!

Yes they are – with Port Jackson Shark breeding season imminent all the keen males are arriving early, patrolling the reefs anxiously as they await their potential partners arrival. I even witnessed a confused engagement between a crested horn shark and a port Jackson. Whether it was a territorial skirmish or mistaken attraction I could not be sure.

Further out I was lucky to find a large weedy seadragon, so I took a couple of shots so as not to stress it then moved on.

Lots of critters around and great visibility meant a very enjoyable day was spent underwater on a day that saw Sydney record it’s hottest July day ever – nudging 26 degrees.


Photobombed – by a fish!

Once in a while you find a random object on the ocean floor. I found this gnome and judging by its worn facade I contemplated its story as I lined it up for a photo. Just as I pressed the shutter a small eastern maori wrasse popped in to kiss Mr Gnomeo on the cheek – no wonder he’s smiling!